Alan Hardy’s books

Follow the INSPECTOR CULLOT MYSTERY SERIES, a murder mystery series highlighting the cases of Inspector Cullot’s world-famous Murder Squad. Gasp in horror and fascination, sit spellbound at Cullot’s intuitive brilliance, gawp at Detective Constable Stephanie Gorge’s alluring, stunning gorgeousness, side-split with laughter at the antics of the love-struck Sergeant Watkins and the bumbling, half-witted Police Constable Blunt…


Check out THROUGH THE GATES, as Mark travels back to 1944, at the height of WW2, in search of love, sex, gold, the mysteries of life…and a beautiful, black-haired woman…


In VAMPIRE HUNT, Dr Joseph Aymon travels back to the land of his birth in search of Bella, the woman he loved and lost years ago…and in search of vampires…to kill…


In JULIA, a young man relentlessly pursues his first love from city to city, country to country, unable to forget her, wanting to put right everything he did wrong the first time… Is he just a young man madly in love…or is it something more…something too obsessive…something dangerous..?


Check out BRITT, set in 1918 towards the end of WW1, when Germany seem about to win the war… Can Britt and Wriggles save the world…and find true love at the same time?


Check out GOOD QUEEN BETH, a savage, provocative, no-holds-barred dissection of modern society…with a comic, adult satire on royalty and the powers-that-be…and with maybe one of the world’s greatest love-stories thrown into the mix…


GABRIELLA tells the tale of eighteen-year-old Gabriella, a beautiful, sexy, sexually experienced aristocrat, and sixteen-year-old Jim, an awkward, rebellious, inexperienced member of the lower classes. They meet on a sports field during a cricket match, and sparks start to fly, passions begin to be aroused, and the game of love is played out during a game of cricket… Passionate, saucy, witty, and hilarious…well, that’s my opinion…


Author: scamper27

Alan Hardy is UK-based, and a director of an English language school for foreign students. He is married, with one daughter. He has now written ten novels. They have been described as provocative novels with plenty of mystery, humor, romance, sex and adventure. They're shocking, original and respectful of nothing and nobody. You have been warned.

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